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Employers Are Heroes

We will help you improve the lives of your employees while enhancing your company's bottom line.

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iAlphas economic crisis

Reality in Today's Economy Hits Employers

  • Employee turnover is now running at over 100%

  • Costing over $2,000-$6,000 to hire, train, and replace workers

  • Sky-high signing bonuses

  • Going to costly lengths to continue operations, trying to get back to "business as usual"

  • Employees Mind

    Based on post-pandemic research study.

    US Worker Insecurity...

    • 78% Live paycheck to paycheck

    • 44% Have less than $400 saved for unexpected expenses

    • 65% Feel personal financial worries impact their health

    • Hybrid work is one of their preferred options for work flexibility

    • Most workers want to be paid automatically everyday

    These are some of the challenges that companies and business owners are experiencing right now. The way people work permanently transformed. This pushes employers to adjust to these new working trends right now. They need to shift to digital & virtual transactions and deployed automation.

    iAlphas employee problem

    We Find Technology Solutions To Help Your Business with Employees

    iAlphas zero cost

    Your Business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Providing a cost-effective financial services alternative without set-up fees

  • Helps reduce turnover, improve employee satisfaction

  • Provide a competitive advantage in today's hiring market

  • Achieving a yearly cost savings in new hire/training related cost

  • Providing a compelling Financial Wellness Benefit that is proven to increase worker morale

  • Eliminating more check processing and distribution costs, to produce monthly savings 

  • Empowering your employees by making them financially healthy which means more engaged employees


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