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Business Finance Automation

Simple secure corporate payments. Business strategy for the future.

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Learning from the impact of the Pandemic

Stepping Up your Accounts Payable (AP) Process to Survive

The pandemic has left vendors struggling and more concerned than ever that they receive their funds without delay. Buyers, too, are eager for change and need to adopt accounts payable (AP) methods that are easily managed by employees working from home. Frictions like these are pushing more businesses to rethink their legacy approaches to business-to-business (B2B) payments and adopting various digital options for sending money. The push toward modernization does not stop at fund transfers, either, and companies are adopting digital supports to help them more smoothly and rapidly process invoices.

The Digital Shift Report examines the various ways that businesses are updating and automating their transaction methods as they cope with the challenges of operating during a global crisis. Manual processes slow down revenue growth. Payment automation allows your team to simplify reconciliations, accelerate the payments flow and earn rebates on qualifying payments.

We Find Technology Solutions To Help Your Business Finance

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Your Business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Smart, Secure, & Streamlined Accounts Payable Automation

    • Optimize 100% of your payables for increased efficiency, greater fraud resistance, and lower operational costs. Upgrade your payments process so that it scales at the same rate as your business.
  • Payments Processing Platform

    • Modern, cloud-based B2B Payments processing on the most flexible, scalable, and secure platform in the business.
    • Built for your unique needs and easily accessible through robust APIs. We are a certified processor and issuer of both Mastercard and Visa.
  • A fast, flexible and secure platform that issues and processes virtual card payments.

  • A platform that is pressure-tested to combat fraud, reduce risk and uphold compliance requirements.

  • Make payments the way you and your suppliers want them: easy.

  • Each supplier has unique payment requirements. Have a platform that can deliver on all of them. Virtual card. ACH. B2B Payments Network. Foreign exchange (FX). Check.

  • Earn revenue on digital payments and reduce payment processing costs.

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